digitus Announces Partnership with Insider Navigation

SINGAPORE, SG – digitus Pte Ltd, a specialised digital agency built on experience from CRM systems and building out an ...

SINGAPORE, SG – digitus Pte Ltd, a specialised digital agency built on experience from CRM systems and building out an ecosystem of software partners. Today, digitus announced that it has partnered with Insider Navigation, to expand its global presence and enhance its services for both its existing and future clients.

Through this strategic partnership, digitus and Insider Navigation want to show CRM and Augmented Reality can be combined and help to optimise business processes.

Thus, users will not have to experience the loss of data in their databases. Using AR, we can visualize data exactly where we want it to be.

“Augmented Reality has been a lack within Customer Relationship Tools, either too expensive or too complex.

With INS we roll out their solution to the TOP partners in Asia of the likes of SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and others and therefore to their customers,” said Mathias Knops, CEO and founder of digitus.

“The combination of Augment Reality and our proven expertise in CRM takes our service offerings to the next level. Through this partnership, businesses can now leverage AR.”

Clemens Kirner, CEO & Founder at Insider Navigation, looks forward to the collaboration.

“Together with digitus we make optimal use of our Augmented Reality Platform and optimizing business processes. With digitus we not only have a good partner in the field of CRM digital solutions, but also a strong team that understands that you have to make an impact and how to make optimal use of our AR-Platform.”

About Insider Navigation

Insider Navigation is the worldwide leading supplier for large scale AR – Platforms.

Their system offers hardware-free, centimeter precise Augmented Reality Indoor-Navigation and Indoor Positioning. Additionally, this comes without the need of extra Infrastructure like GPS or Beacons.

Besides their platform, many more solutions are available. They include maintenance and inspection, training and onboarding, factory monitoring through live IoT data and many more.

The beauty of the system is that it’s very easy and quick to implement. Moreover, the solutions can be actively running in a few hours.

As a result, anyone can implement a whole AR-platform for any kind of venue in a matter of days. From factories, power plants, exhibitions, vessels to office buildings, any location is feasible.

Through working with their global network of partners, Insider Navigation solutions can be provided and supported locally.

To learn more about Insider Navigation, please visit: 

About digitus

digitus is an agency established in 2019 based on experience in CRM and building out an ecosystem of software partners.

With 10+ years of building relationships with implementation partners and vendors in the CRM, HR & ERP space and 20 years of distributor development through our partner KVP-Solution, the company prides itself with the skills and network to connect businesses for CRM Projects and build out their ecosystem.

To learn more about digitus, please contact us.