Search Ranking Volatility: Check Your Website Traffic Now

There’s no time like the present to check you website traffic for search ranking volatility.

There’s no time like the present to check you website traffic for search ranking volatility.

We suspect that this is caused by the changes in searchers’ behaviour driven by the global pandemic. Because of this, everyone is relooking on their priorities

It’s no surprise that many businesses to “shift online” and upload large amount of website content. As a result, search engines are adapting to these sudden changes as well.

If website traffic is crucial to your business, we strongly recommend that you check your analytics today to see if you have been affected by this disruption.

What to do if you’re impacted by Search Ranking Volatility:

  • Run a site-wide SEO Health Audit to determine your website’s health score. We are currently offering this for free, so please take advantage of it. This process will highlight any issues present on your site that prevent it from showing up more on Google.
  • Learn about the SEO trends in 2020 and focus on areas that matter.
  • Understand SEO: find out why getting found on search engine means more revenue, and why marketers have shifted theirfocus on SEO as a long-term marketing goal, in preparation for the post-COVID economy.
  • Monitor the ranking of keywords that are important to your business.
  • Make your website better by ensuring that your content is trustworthy, expert and authoritative.
  • Optimise for better user experience: make your pages load faster.

Reach Out to Us for Help

If you need any help on SEO, or on any digital marketing issues such as Return on Investment (ROI), optimisation of marketing costs, or shortage of staff, please let us know.

Our team at digitus provides real solutions to real problems, and we strive to help you get through these unforeseen circumstances. We are always on a lookout for businesses who would like to succeed during this challenging period.

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