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Digitus: Bridging The Gap Between CRM Implementation and Excellence

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As imperative it is for organizations to implement a robust CRM strategy for lucrative returns and departmental efficiency, it is surprisingly a complicated endeavor that is easier said than done.

This comprehensive implementation process of CRM further intensifies to a whole new level as companies embark on global expansion plans making it trickier for them to deal with a world of unforeseen variables ahead.

It’s a fact that many businesses today are struggling with international projects given that globally active CRM partners are often the most expensive and local partners do not have the necessary network to collaborate.

For instance, a German company with plans to move its business to Asia would require to implement a strong CRM strategy to strengthen its local customer relationship.

Indeed, the German company’s knowledge of the partner landscape in South East Asia would be limited, and expectedly, the company would be more drawn to the recommendations provided by active global CRM partners.

This is a growing concern in the modern CRM landscape, and no one knows this better than digitus—a network of CRM implementers across technology vendors.

“The core value of our offering is to connect customers with two to three CRM partners based on the best possible fit, irrespective of the geographic location,” says Mathias Knops, Founder and CEO of digitus.

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