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Unlock Operational Efficiency with fentu Field Service Management

Digitus, your trusted resell partner, presents fentu Field Service Management, an intuitive technology tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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With over 12 years of experience across SAP, Salesforce and HubSpot, we specialise on supporting our clients across projects. 

Construction | Building Materials | Real Estate | Facility Management | SaaS / IT 

Our Core Expertise

With fentu, you can take control of your field resources and proactively manage your operations from a centralized platform, effortlessly accessible on your computer or smartphone.

digitus & co understands the unique challenges faced by SMEs when it comes to effectively managing field resources. That's why we have partnered with fentu to provide you with a powerful and user-friendly solution that puts you in the driver's seat. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features, empowering you to streamline your operations and boost productivity.

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With fentu Field Service Management, you can:

Centralize Your Operations:

Say goodbye to scattered information and disjointed processes. fentu brings together all your field service activities into a centralized platform, enabling seamless access and management of critical data from anywhere, at any time.

Efficiently Schedule and Dispatch:

Simplify your scheduling and dispatching tasks with fentu's intelligent algorithms. Our system intelligently assigns jobs to the most suitable field technicians based on their availability, location, and skills, ensuring optimal resource allocation and swift response times.

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Real-Time Updates and Communication:

Stay connected with your field team in real time. fentu facilitates seamless communication between your office and field staff, providing instant updates, job status tracking, and the ability to share important information on the go.

Streamlined Workflows and Documentation:

Eliminate paperwork and streamline your workflows with digital forms and automated processes. fentu allows you to create customizable forms, capture essential data electronically, and generate reports effortlessly, saving you time and reducing errors.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

Deliver exceptional service and exceed customer expectations. With fentu, you can provide accurate arrival times, track job progress, and maintain a complete service history for each customer, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

Data-Driven Insights and Analytics:

Make informed business decisions. fentu provides valuable insights into key metrics such as job completion rates, resource utilization, and customer satisfaction, enabling you to identify areas for improvement and drive growth.

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Experience the power of fentu Field Service Management, brought to you by digitus & co, your trusted resell partner. Our intuitive technology, accessible on your computer or smartphone, empowers you to streamline your field resources, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional service.

Contact digitus & co today to learn more about fentu and request a personalized demonstration. Let Digitus, together with fentu, be your dedicated partner in field service management, helping you unlock operational efficiency and achieve your business goals.

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Under fentu FSM we provide services in three different fields: Installation, Maintenance & Repairing and Service.

fentu provides the software tools to manage every aspect of your process in the field.

Integrated work management for daily changes.
Our integrated work management system allows you to easily adapt to daily changes, as all work and employees are visible through our intuitive visual interface, plus making modifications is a breeze.

With fentu FSM software, you will have access to all necessary paperwork, guidelines, instructional films, and previous fault data -all available before and on the job.

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Since our incorporation through Klaus Knops in 1999 in Germany, we have supported trusted customers across industries and countries. 

With Mathias Knops becoming a partner in the company, we shifted towards digitalisation offers and now have over 9 companies in our portfolio to support customers even better.

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