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Digitus, your trusted resell partner, presents fentu connect, an intuitive technology tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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With over 12 years of experience across SAP, Salesforce and HubSpot, we specialise on supporting our clients across projects. 

Construction | Building Materials | Real Estate | Facility Management | SaaS / IT 

Our Core Expertise

Integrated solutions are crucial for businesses to stay competitive and future-proof. They offer scalability, security, and real-time data availability, improving efficiency and decision-making as the business grows.

digitus understands the unique challenges faced by SMEs when it comes to effectively integrations. That's why we have partnered with fentu to provide you with a powerful and user-friendly solution that puts you in the driver's seat. Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features, empowering you to streamline your operations and boost productivity.

fentu connect

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With fentu connect, you can:

Prebuilt Integrations

Our pre-built integrations are designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up, so you can get up and running quickly without the need for specialized IT resources or expertise. They are also highly scalable and secure, so you can confidently connect and integrate your systems and applications without worrying about capacity or data security.

Integration Control Center

With our ICC, you can easily track the performance and effectiveness of your integration in real-time with customizable dashboards and alerts. Our data mapping and transformation tools make it easy to configure and manage the integration, while our workflow automation tools help streamline business processes.

fentu connect intragtion monitoring

Integrating SAP ERP with HubSpot enhances data sync, insights, and processes, optimising resource use, enabling detailed reporting, personalising experiences, saving costs, and bolstering security. This fusion improves engagement, efficiency, and accuracy when combined with SAP.

Augmented Data Transparency and Precision

The HubSpot-SAP integration facilitates real-time data synchronization across marketing, sales, customer service, and SAP's ERP system. Eliminate manual transfers and errors, accessing precise information from a centralized platform. Break down data silos for enhanced decision-making, optimized campaigns, and improved customer experiences.


Enhance your tech stack strategically with our HubSpot and Salesforce integration services. This bridges the gap between HubSpot's marketing prowess and Salesforce's sales expertise, ensuring unified and synchronized operations.

Our integration isn't just about technology—it's a dynamic martech powerhouse. By merging HubSpot's robust inbound features with Salesforce's sales capabilities, we take the next step in aligning sales and marketing teams. 

Closing the Loop Between Sales and Marketing:
- Achieve a 360° View of Your Customer Journey
- Gain Insights for Data-Driven Decision Making


fentu connect

We connect several software solutions to help your business grow.

fentu connect

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We are a group of companies driving customer success

Since our incorporation through Klaus Knops in 1999 in Germany, we have supported trusted customers across industries and countries. 

With Mathias Knops becoming a partner in the company, we shifted towards digitalisation offers and now have over 9 companies in our portfolio to support customers even better.

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