Using HubSpot to manage paid media

To effectively reach and engage your target audience for your service and product offerings, leveraging platforms like ...

To effectively reach and engage your target audience for your service and product offerings, leveraging platforms like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn is essential. These platforms attract substantial traffic, making them valuable for prospecting, unless your market consists entirely of a niche audience, which is rare.

At, you can benefit from HubSpot's seamless integrations with Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. To optimize your advertising efforts, Ryan Durling, a Senior Inbound Consultant at HubSpot, advises against bombarding your audience with low-quality display ads. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of aligning keywords, ad copy, calls to action, and landing page offers to make a significant impact.

While each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, HubSpot allows you to capitalize on their combined advantages. Ad campaigns can be organized into buckets, grouping assets, messages, offers, and audiences effectively.

Although inbound marketing works in the long run, occasional reliance on paid media is necessary to attract fresh traffic and convert customers. However, it is crucial to avoid overloading campaigns with excessive keywords, creatives, and ad groups, as this leads to inefficiency and increased costs.

To enhance efficiency, consistency in messaging is vital, but it must be based on genuine audience insights rather than assumptions. Analyzing sales and customer service conversations can provide valuable information for optimization.

When interacting with your audience, consider the devices they use. Offering a seamless experience across mobile devices is critical to reducing distractions and delivering an excellent user experience. Technical optimization, such as image compression and reduced JavaScript usage, contributes to faster loading times.

To create a successful campaign, your landing pages should focus on delivering what was promised, limiting distractions, and providing a clear call-to-action. Avoid directing users to your homepage, instead keep them focused on taking a specific action, such as filling out a form or downloading content.

Testing is essential as audience behavior and ad networks constantly evolve. Utilize UTM tags in your paid URLs to track and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. HubSpot offers tools to build and manage UTM codes easily.

If you need assistance with your campaigns, can help you set up and optimise them. We can leverage your purchase data to create workflows, track data, and generate leads. Maximize the potential of HubSpot's premium plans to make the most of your investment and achieve better results.

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